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In addition to the benvox podcast, we produce podcasts for our clients - nonprfits, ngo, social impact entrepreneurs - so that their voices are heard. Through the podcast, we want to help them create a community around their values and improve the visibility of their actions.

A voix haute! (The Code) (FR)

Cyberwayfinder's Stories

Europeans on the Vote (ECAS)

Emergency Nutrition Network (ENN) (FR/EN)

European Social Network Talks (ESN)

For the Record (EDF) (EN)

the Frontline Podcast (ILGA Europe)

Growfunding Podcast (FR & NL)

Inner Green Deal Podcast (EN)

I love my job (the Social Guide) (FR)

Owisper Podcast (FR)

Open it! (Le Forum des Jeunes) (FR)

Psyké , the open head podcast (C H Titeca ) (FR)

Talk CEC podcast (FR/EN)

20 years in 2020 (FR)

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A voix haute (La Code) (French podcast)

A voix haute podcast - the code

Code, Coordination des ONG pour les droits de l'enfant, aims to ensure the proper application of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child through study, information, education and advocacy missions.

Based in Brussels, this ngo includes young people in their activities as much as possible. A voix haute is no exception.

"The podcast where children have their say".

In this series of podcasts, we meet children and young people from all walks of life. There's no predefined agenda or topic. We simply hand them a microphone so they can express themselves freely. Whether they want to share their experiences, their feelings, their opinions, the problems they face or their proposals for changing things, this is their space to express themselves.

Our guests then comment on the topics discussed and bring them back to you unfiltered. It's up to you, adults, parents and professionals, to discover and listen to what young people have to say. Prepare to hear new voices and be inspired by their authenticity and wisdom. Happy listening!

Visit their website to find out more: la code-A voix haute

Cyberwayfinder's Stories (Podcast in English)

cwf podcast image

Cyberwayfinder is a programme combining training and professional integration to facilitate the career transition of women in cybersecurity 

Based in Brussels, this startup breaks the taboo on women in high technology. Ambitious participants are catapulted into positions as cyber security specialists after a few weeks of intense training. 

In this podcast, recorded entirely online, CyberWayFinder aims to highlight the inspiring personalities who have taken part in the program. In each episode, Rosanna Kurrer, co-founder and managing director of CyberWayFinder, explores a specific sector of cybersecurity with her guest, and looks back on her unique journey.

"The unique blend of evening and weekend seminars, with practical hands-on, bench-top and academics, allows participants to actively work in cyber-careers while they train, using what they learned the night before in their jobs the next day."

As an example, in the first episode, we meet Ama Sarpong, a former CyberWayFinder student, and currently Identity and Access management consultant. She tells us about her job, and her career path from her early childhood when she left Ghana for Belgium, showing incredible determination to make it all the way to her job in a large financial firm. 

More information :

European on the Vote (by ECAS) (EN)

Europeans on the vote podcast

ECAS: Promoting active citizenship and democratic participation in the European Union

Welcome to "Europeans on the Vote", the political awareness podcast offered by the European Citizens' Action Service (ECAS). ECAS is a non-profit organisation based in Brussels.

"ECAS believes in an inclusive, transparent, citizen-centred and democratic European Union, in which citizens' rights are at the heart of the decision-making process at all levels and in which citizens are informed, consulted and active participants."

This podcast is set against the backdrop of the 2024 European Parliament elections. It aims to encourage EU citizens, including mobile citizens, to participate fully in the electoral process. In each episode, experts from around the world will share their experiences and knowledge on exercising political rights, with the aim of strengthening civic engagement. This podcast is produced with the support of the European Commission's Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values (CERV) programme.

This podcast was recorded in our studio. 
More info about ECAS on

ENN Podcast (FR & EN)

cover field exchange ENN

Emergency Nutrition Network: Nutrition programme in disadvantaged countries

What is ENN? An NGO that "strives to improve the effectiveness of nutrition policies and programmes by improving knowledge, stimulating learning and building evidence. We are passionate about the field and are globally recognised as thought leaders and conveners in nutrition." 

Ce podcast en anglais et en français enregistré en ligne aborde une série de problématique du terrain, souvent abordés aussi dans le magazine “Field Exchange” d’ENN, dont l’image ci-dessus est extraite. Benvox a participé à la réalisation de l’épisode sur l’approche CMAM Surge au Niger, un vaste plan pour contrer les famines au Niger, ainsi qu’aux épisodes sur les programmes de nutrition des adolescents en Ouganda et Zimbabwe.

Ces épisodes sont parfois enregistrés dans des conditions difficiles, nous avons pris soin d’en améliorer la qualité pour en conserver le précieux message et les nombreux témoignages issus du terrain. 

More info about ENN here:

and discover their podcast here:

European Social Network talks (Podcast in English)

European Social network Talks

ESN (European Social Network): NGO supporting social services in Europe

It is an organization whose mission is to improve knowledge exchange among public social services, integrating the health, education, housing, employment and social inclusion sectors to benefit individuals and communities through improved policy and practice.

"How are social services managing the challenges brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic? Or how are they supporting people to handle the cost-of living crisis? How are social services attracting people into the profession or promoting innovations to ensure access to quality social services? These are just some snapshots of topics we are going to discuss in this podcast series."

An extremely interesting podcast recorded online that gives us a better understanding of economic and social difficulties across Europe. Benvox is delighted to take part in this podcast, which shows us once again how fragile our societal system is, and how important it is to take care of others.  

More information ESN : Find out more on our website:
and social media: flickr; LinkedIn; Twitter

For the Record (Podcast in English)

Podcast for the record edf

EDF (European Disability Forum): NGO defending the rights of people with disabilities in Europe

EDF has been fighting for people with disabilities since 1996 to achieve a truly inclusive Europe and the rights of people with disabilities as described in the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

On the occasion of EDF's 25th anniversary, the organisation is launching a major podcast on their history, activism and future plans. For the Record welcomes leading figures from the disability rights movement. 

"Nothing about us without us! In this first episode we speak with Yannis Vardakastanis, President of EDF. A relevant figure in the beginnings of the organization. He shares with us first-hand about his experience in building the foundations of one of the most important initiatives in the field of disability rights in Europe".

It was with great humility and pride that benvox took part in this online podcast project, which reveals a long-standing activism for a more just and inclusive society.  

More information on this anniversary campaign here

the frontline (Podcast in English)

the frontline podcast

ILGA Europe: NGO defending the rights of the LGBTQI+ community in Europe

What is ILGA Europe? Based in Brussels, this NGO brings together more than 600 lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex organisations from 54 countries. 

The Frontline is a podcast about LGBTQI+ activism and their lives in Europe and Central Asia. 

"Deep-diving and analyzing from a unique and informed perspective, The Frontline aims to bring you to the core of queer activism and give you an understanding on the complexities of what's happening, why it's happening, the wins and the losses, the challenges and commonalities, and the extraordinary ways in which the work of those on the frontlines continues in a rapidly changing world.

We were fortunate and honored to work with ILGA Europe on this engaging and extremely interesting podcast, recorded online. Still too little is said about the difficulties faced by the LGBTQI+ community worldwide. These atrocities, humiliations, discriminations and retrograde ideas of which this community is victim do not happen so far from us. Let's open our eyes, and try to change the way we look at things, and the way those around us look at things, so that our differences never again serve to separate us, but rather to enrich each other. 

Find out more about ILGA Europe and discover their podcast here: https: //

Growfunding podcast (Podcast in French and Dutch)

Growfunding asbl is a civic crowdfunding platform. What does that mean?

"Social crowdfunding makes participatory financing a tool for social change. Thanks to social crowdfunding, money and means are made available for projects that have a positive impact on society. Citizens are thus called upon to participate in projects which, each in their own way, provide an answer to current social challenges."

Growfunding selects and supports especially social and urban initiatives that aim to improve the city. The idea is also to invite people to get involved together in building a better world by supporting innovative and social projects. They are in Brussels and Antwerp, this podcast is produced by the Brussels branch. 

In the first episode, we look at the phenomenon of temporary occupation. A phenomenon that is particularly present on the platform, which testifies to a real craze for the principle. Faced with the housing crisis, the lack of available space and at the same time the incredible number of unoccupied buildings in Brussels, many projects aim to temporarily occupy empty buildings to propose social initiatives. Via the participatory funding platform, citizens are invited to support these social projects and take over the many empty buildings. Margarita Marin meets Nora Romet, Communa ASBL (on Facebook: communa asbl), and Arnaud Leonis, L'Accroche ASBL

Find them on 

Listen to their podcast on

Inner Green Deal podcast (podcast in English)

inner green deal podcast icon

The Inner Green Deal Podcast

The Inner Green Deal is a new programme that responds to the recent European desire to give more importance to ecology. But for this transition towards a fairer and more environmentally friendly society to happen, we must also grow ourselves. We will need leaders with a new mindset and armed with a greater understanding of tomorrow's issues, a clear vision, and an incorruptible and effective inner strength. The Inner Green Deal program, part of the AWARIS Group, aims to develop tomorrow's leaders to meet this incredible challenge.

"Interviews with leaders on the front-line of climate action. What inspires them, what scares them and what keeps them going? This podcast explores the human dimension of climate change and offers a unique insight in the diverse minds of activists, entrepreneurs, scientists, government and community leaders and other change makers. “

The two hosts meet with various influential personalities to understand what the younger generation is doing recently, what environmental challenges lie ahead, what we can do individually and collectively to change our society for the better. 

Benvox had the honor of helping them set up their first episodes. We wish them a lot of courage for the future, and a lot of success. This podcast deserves your full attention. 

Visit their website for more information on the programme

and discover their podcast here:

J'aime Mon Métier (podcast in French)

I love my job podcast

The Social Guide podcast 

The Social Guide supports and assists non-profit and non-market organisations in French-speaking Belgium. The covid19 crisis has revealed the difficulties that have plagued the social and health sectors for many years. With the aim of putting these professions back in the spotlight, the Guide Social is launching a major multimedia communication campaign under the name "J'aime mon métier".

"They are all part of our lives at some point. But who are they? What was the trigger for them? How do they live their human work on a daily basis? With what riches, what challenges? "

In the format of a friendly interview, we dive into the reality of these many professions about which so little is known, even though they are so important to our society.

We are pleased to be part of this great campaign and to give the voices of these extraordinary workers a chance to be heard.of these extraordinary workers to be heard.

Find out more about the "I love my job"campaign 

and listen carefully to their podcast here

Open it! (Podcast in French)

open the podcast

Young people have things to say, they want to "open it up"!

 Forum des jeunes is a youth organisation that offers young people in the Wallonia-Brussels federation aged 16 to 39 various activities. Often linked to current affairs, citizenship and openness to others. It was not surprising that this new generation was also interested in podcasts.

"With "Ouvre-la", the Youth Forum wanted to create its own media to broadcast content created by young people for young people. Each episode focuses on a specific topic and brings popularised information, enlightened by testimonies and critical opinions of young people as well as their concrete actions. "Open it" is collaborative, inclusive and conveys the values of the Youth Forum: participation, solidarity and open-mindedness.

The future belongs to the youth, so it is important to listen to them to understand how to help them shape the world of tomorrow. 

Find out more about the youth forum here: 

Owisper podcast (Podcast in French)

Owisper, the startup for a fulfilled sexuality

This online sexology platform addresses a major problem in our lives. Indeed, one person in three has already experienced or will experience in his or her life problems related to sexuality in their relationship. 1/3? If this seems exaggerated to you, keep in mind that many people will never admit to having difficulties in this area. This estimate may further minimize the magnitude of the problem.

Hormonal dysfunction, psychological disturbance, or physical failure, the vast majority of these intimate problems are nevertheless relatively easily curable. Unfortunately, this subject is extremely taboo.

It is very difficult to talk about it, both in private and in front of professional sexologists. Owisper's solution is to guarantee anonymity to its clients/patients who can follow a therapy from their computer. For the same reason, Owisper Podcast episodes are not broadcast on podcast platforms.  

"More than a podcast, it is a pedagogical, therapeutic tool: deconstructing clichés, giving advice, providing simple and effective solutions. Each episode corresponds to a stage of therapy according to the client/patient's needs."

Happiness is the goal of all of us. Sexual fulfillment is part of it. Breaking free from taboos, learning and understanding how to achieve happiness are Owisper's goals, and we are happy to contribute to them.

Find out more about Owisper: 

Psyké (French podcast)

psyke podcast

Psyké: the open-headed podcast *(award winner 2023)

Light but serious discussions between Pierre Oswald, psychiatrist, university professor and doctor in psychology, fan of cinema and Michel Sardou; and Alban Antoine, jurist and director of the Jean Titeca hospital in Brussels, fed on the radio since birth, but not a fan of Michel Sardou. Together, they deconstruct the clichés about mental illness.

"To understand better is to accept more. Psyké the open head podcast is :

Everything you always wanted to know about... mental health".

The aim is to explain the different illnesses so as to avoid stigmatizing, dramatizing and ultimately accepting the different human conditions. A light-hearted podcast packed with information, recorded in our studio.

This podcast won the Prix du Podcast Santé Francophone in the "Mental Health" category 

link to podcast :

Talk CEC podcast (podcast in French and English)

Talk CEC podcast cover

Talk CEC: the committed European cultural hub

This new cultural centre in the heart of Brussels focuses on humanistic and environmental values. It welcomes artists from all walks of life and invites them to share their art and participate in building a better world.

"Talk PODCAST is a programme that aims to publicise the actions, observations and creations of the various committed communities involved with us. Our desire is to include the public at the heart of the Talk C.E.C. project, and to cultivate a special bond through these exchanges."

These Podcasts recorded in our studio are closely linked to the life of the site, in the heart of Brussels: the former Demeuldre porcelain factory is now a multidisciplinary European Creative Pole for the environment, welcoming artists and raising public awareness of themes through Art and Culture.

In this podcast, artists, institutions, companies, NGOs, associations that have joined the cec talk network are invited to speak and express themselves in the form of a conversation, listeners are invited to react by commenting and sharing the podcasts!

More info on their website and social networks: https: // // Facebook Talk CEC // Instagram Talk CEC

link to podcast: https: //

20 years in 2020 (podcast in French)

2020 in 2020 logo

Turning 20 in 2020 

"23 December 2020, I just turned 21. Soon to be the end of a long and special year. And I went to bed a few days ago with an idea in mind; what if I wrote a text for the 20 year old in 2080, or for the one in 1980? So that we can compare our generations, our stories, our thoughts..."

Discover the feelings of a generation shaken by an unprecedented health crisis. Elisa bears witness and asks questions. What she experienced will mark her forever. Is it comparable to the war period her grandparents experienced? How will future generations grow up? Will they be surprised by the incredible living conditions in which we live today? Through this testimony, Elisa expresses her worries, her incomprehension and her hopes. Benvox was honoured to help her produce this first episode, and we are all looking forward to the next one. 

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