Benvox the podcast agency

benvox is a podcast agency in Brussels whose goal is to support all positive initiatives in the Belgian capital.

Benvox creates tailor-made podcasts! Let's produce your own podcast together and let your voice be heard! From conception to production and distribution, we accompany you every step of the way to ensure that your podcast is just right for you!

We address you, the superheroes of today: NPOs, NGOs, Cooperatives and Startups that propose solutions to improve society, save our planet, defend our rights, etc. Always committed! We put our technical skills and experience at your service.

But benvox is also a podcast! 

There are a lot of great initiatives in Brussels to improve society. There are so many of them that it's very difficult to be aware of everything that's going on around us. And yet if you knew them, you would find yourself once again in humanity.

In a unique podcast, we bring together many positive initiatives to help you discover them, to inspire you in your daily life, and maybe even to invite you to support them.

Benvox supports the local economy of Brussels by joining the Zinne: the local currency of Brussels.

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How does it work?


Let's work out a strategy that suits you, according to your audience, your content, your budget


The recording can be done at home with the equipment and under the supervision of a professional. It is also possible to turn to the recording studio for an even higher quality. 


The podcast is edited by an experienced journalist working with professional programmes



The podcast is available on podcast platforms and on your website.


podcasts made by benvox


You want to get a sense of the result?

Discover the podcasts produced by Benvox

We are being talked about!

Benvox was the guest of Jean-Jacques Deleeuw, editor-in-chief of BX1, the Brussels radio station, in his Podcast+ show. Watch the show here: benvox on Podcast+

Who are we?

Brussels podcasting agency specialising in associations and positive initiatives

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