Greenfabric, creative workshop for the ecological and social transition. It's almost Christmas, I hope you're enjoying this little winter break to warm up with your family or friends and maybe also to think about next year. What do you want to do more of? What do you want to learn?

I hope this episode will inspire you because it's about learning and resilience. We're going to talk about ceramics workshops, sewing workshops, and more. We go to meet Greenfabric, with Valentine the founder.

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Croque - Madame : sustainable funeral services. No, in this episode you won't find a recipe for toast with a fried egg. Not at all! It's All Saints' Day and for the occasion we're going to talk about death, but let me reassure you, we're sticking to the theme of sustainability and positive initiatives. Because we are going to talk about sustainability in funeral rites, and how we can change our traditions. Sustainable funeral services, what exactly does that mean? We'll get to the bottom of this right away with Cléo, the founder of Croque - Madame.
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Meet my Job the recruitment platform to find a job with impact. This pandemic has led many of you to rethink your daily life, and sometimes even your career. Indeed, successive lockdowns and intense teleworking have pushed us to rethink our lives and many of you have started looking for a job that is more meaningful. Today we're going to talk about impact jobs and how to find THE job that will motivate you to get up in the morning, whether you're telecommuting or not. How? why? we're talking to Guillaume, the founder of Meet my Job.
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The Marmite de LoThe Marmite de Lo, sustainable food education for young and old. This year has been particularly difficult for the cultural sector, as we know, but fortunately we are slowly coming back. Today, I am lucky enough to have Laura, a chef and actress who has decided to combine her passions. She is already very present on social networks, and now she has also created a show for young people which talks about sustainable food, local food etc. But what exactly is it about? But what exactly is it about? We can see that right away with Laura.
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Mieu: the responsible and local concept store. During this crisis, the long months of confinement, and the obligatory teleworking, many of you wish to reconfigure, improve and redecorate your home. A new small lamp? A designer coffee table for the living room? Don't pull out the Ikea catalogue, because YES, there are local alternatives to big, environmentally unfriendly multinationals. In this episode, we're going to talk about MIEU, a responsible and local interior design concept store. What does it mean to decorate locally and responsibly? In this episode, we'll find out from Virginie, founder of Mieu.
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Versus The slowflower or when floristry becomes responsible. In this episode we look at a little-known subject: the impact of the flower market on the environment. The use of harmful chemicals in horticulture, the import of flowers from other continents, the misuse of plastic packaging, waste, ... What can we do about it? What does it mean to be alternative and responsible for flowers? All the answers in this episode with Daphne and Elléa, the founders of Versus.
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Belgium Africa Challenge or DBA. What is it? Maybe you already know them but did you know that they have just launched a new programme in Belgium? The Do it Belgium. Today we are going to talk about solidarity, exchange, citizenship, discovery and youth. What is it about? Well, I suggest you discover it with Matthieu, the ECMS programme officer, and Jacqueline, the DBA coordinator.
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The Solidarity Digital Agency. The Covid19 crisis has made digital marketing even more important. With the health measures, businesses and small enterprises have suffered a lot and had to adapt to the difficult circumstances. This is easier said than done of course, as marketing agencies can be very expensive. Fortunately, there is a young agency that has been set up especially for this: the Solidarity Digital Agency. What is it exactly? Let's have a look at it with Pascaline, Project Manager at the Agence Digitale Solidaire.
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HOPEthe fair for local initiatives. The event not to be missed! Fortunately for you, it has been postponed again and again because of the covid. If all goes well, it should arrive in Brussels in September 2021. As you can see, this is an event that interests me enormously, as it features hundreds of positive, alternative, sustainable local initiatives, etc. In short, everything we like in this podcast. But what exactly is this fair? Let's find out right away with Adelaide, the organizer of the event.
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Lowco the eco-responsible guide. If you are listening to this podcast, you are probably interested in the positive initiatives in your area. There is a wealth of initiatives to discover and we simply don't realise it. Today we're going to talk about Lowco, a Belgian sustainable guide that lists almost 1600 sustainable, ethical, circular economy, etc. businesses and services. What is it? How does it work? Let's find out right away from Kristoffer, the founder of Lowco.
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Benvox is one year old! In one year a lot has happened, we have met a lot of people and discovered many positive initiatives in Brussels. Covering various themes: local art, zero waste, food waste, slow fashion, charitable giving, local food, second-hand food, local economy, alternative economy, soft mobility, alternative agriculture, digital education, and inclusion. How to summarize 27 episodes in 1? This time it will be up to you! I have invited 3 listeners to join me to discuss the topics and episodes that marked them the most. Elise, Clément and Lionel chose to talk about Slow Fashion, apps for making charitable donations without spending money, ethical banking, digital education and local currency.
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@Dot-to-dot : The online magazine on eco-responsibility in Brussels. This 26th episode concludes a first year of the Benvox podcast rich in local Brussels initiatives. And there are still many, many initiatives to discover. It is sometimes very difficult to hear about them because they escape the traditional media, but fortunately there are also more specialized media interested in them. In this episode we meet the Dot to Dot magazine that you might like. What's Dot to Dot? What's in it? We see it right away with the two founders Agustina and Corentine.
facebook: @dottodotmagazine
The Farm Our Pilifs: Company of Adapted Work and Ecology. Today we are going to talk about a rather exceptional establishment because it combines respect for others and respect for nature. I met Martine, the event and communication coordinator of the Ferme Nos Pilifs. We talked about the origins of the farm, the work of disabled people and ecology. What is an ETA? What is produced at Ferme Nos Pilifs? and what does adapted work and inclusion mean? This is what I propose to discover in this episode.
facebook: @fermenospilifs
Be Educationthe associative network in education. "We say we have to think about what planet we want to leave to our children, but we also have to ask ourselves what children do we want to leave to this planet?" In this episode, we're going to talk about education again because there are a lot of local initiatives active in this field and education is extremely important in our society. We are going to meet Be Education, which aims to support all these associations and organisations whose aim is to improve the education of our children in a global way: fighting discrimination in schools, helping children in difficulty, and many others. What exactly do they do? We are discussing this with Margot de Be education.
CodeNPlay The aim is to reduce the digital divide through digital education. The covid crisis, especially during the confinement, has forced us to change the way we live, study and work, in an increasingly digital way. It's easy and comfortable for the most geeky among us, but alas, it wasn't the same for everyone. Not everyone has the necessary skills and equipment. How to solve it? One of the solutions is to train children from a very early age. That's what Codenplay does, offering workshops and training in primary school. Concretely what do they do? and why? We're talking about it with Grégoire and Laura from Codenplay.
instagram: @codenplaybe
Molenbike : eco-responsible bicycle delivery. If the bicycle is more and more used by citizens, it is also the best means of transport for the delivery of small parcels and not so small as that by the way. You may be thinking of Déliveroo and other food tec giants, but there are also initiatives in Brussels which, in addition to fighting for the environment, respect and properly value its couriers. This is Molenbike. What is it exactly? You can see it right away with Arnaud and Raphael, two of the founders of Molenbike.

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Instagram: @molenbike
Sustainable Citizen Neighbourhoods: or the appropriation of one's neighborhood by the citizens. For example, you would like to create a shared vegetable garden, develop solutions for mobility in your street, create a large compost for the whole neighbourhood... How to do it? Well, there are what we call sustainable neighbourhoods supported by Brussels Environment. What are these? How does it work? What's the difference with other local citizen initiatives? We see it together with Carol, coach and coordinator of Sustainable Citizen Neighbourhoods.
Wheel of Care: Nurses and midwives on bicycles in Brussels. In this episode we will talk about these super heroes and heroines of the coronavirus crisis, at least some of them; the medical profession! With a little touch of ecology because it is about home care but for which the trips are only done by bike. Why by bike? What is Slow Care? Flora, co-founder of Wheel of care, answers these questions.
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1030 Blackwool: literally the black wool of Scharbeek. In this episode we will talk about local craftsmanship, ecology and fashion. Among the alternatives to the fast fashion produced massively on the other side of the world, there is the use of local materials and in this episode we will explore a little more the question of the revaluation of local wool. Yes, there are still sheep in Brussels and there is a superb workshop in Scharbeek for processing wool called 1030 BlackWool. What is it? You can see that right away with Pauline. 
instagram: 1030blackwool

@tournevie, the tool library. How many of you have discovered a passion for DIY since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis? But who says do-it-yourself means tools, have you invested in materials knowing that you will only use them two or three times? Or have you borrowed tools from your family, your friends...? In this episode we're going to talk about DIY but more about tools, or more precisely about tool rental and for that there's a great thing called @tournevie: an accessible and local tool library. What is it ? How does it work ? We discuss it with Yannick

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Aquaponics bxl. In this episode we are going to talk about an absolutely brilliant cultivation method: aquaponics. A fish and vegetable farm that works in perfect harmony and this in your home in Brussels? How does it work? We will see with Laurence de Aquaponie Bxl that this ingenious system is not so complicated and that it is quite possible to install a small aquaponic culture at home. Why? What are the advantages and disadvantages? It happens in this episode.
Facebook: @AquaponieBrussels
Newbthe new Belgian ethical bank, which you have no doubt already heard of. The ambitious project of a cooperative and ethical bank that only invests in sustainable, ethical, social projects, ... But finally, what is an ethical bank? What is its purpose and why do we need ethics in this field? We will try to see a little more clearly with Juditth and Matthias de Newb.
instagram: @newb_coop
Green of Iris The cooperative that creates and manages vegetable gardens in Brussels, but it is much more than that. Vert d'iris is also about paying special attention to social, environmental and economic issues. In this episode, we're going to talk with Matthieu about urban agriculture of course, and also about short circuits, better food but also about contact with nature.
I would also add that Iris Green is continually looking for human and financial assistance. You can learn more here => iris green: cape 2020
1000Bxl in TransitionIt is a Brussels collective belonging to the "transition" network that encourages us to rethink our way of life and our society so that it is fairer, more humane, more ecological and more local. In transition? What is it? What is it for? I discussed with Sebastian about 1000 Bxl in Transition. We will see with him the many projects they have set up and what their objectives are.
The Beehive that says YES! No it has nothing to do with honey or bees, but rather with quality local food. What we must get out of the Coronavirus crisis is that we must consume better but also produce better, i.e. more respectful of the environment and in a fairer way for local producers. What the Beehive that says yes has understood for several years by affirming their willingness to change our model of agriculture. From a massive industrial exploitation to a more sustainable and fairer agriculture. We too say YES! How does it work? How to join the network of the famous hives? It happens in this episode.
To create your hive in Brussels or Wallonia:  

GiveActions it is the Belgian startup that makes it possible to support associative or humanitarian projects without spending a single euro. Because giving money when you don't have much is obviously not easy, but with GiveActions it is possible to spend nothing at all. By watching just two minutes of advertising on the app you can plant trees, help the homeless, support schooling in underprivileged areas, save Koalas, and many others. Meet Maxime one of the founders.
instagram: @giveactions
facebook: @giveactions is the online platform to make your ethical and sustainable purchases. Consume less thanks to zero waste products, consume better thanks to recycled and reconditioned products, consume environmentally friendly and worker-friendly as much as possible. Forget Amazon, take a look at first
Instagram: @waio_co
Atlas gois the free app that allows you to donate money to good causes while playing sports. A great opportunity to convert your physical activity into generosity for local or international causes that affect you.
See also on facebook : atlasgo
and instagram:@atlas_go
MercikiBarter 2.0 is a community of mutual aid and a completely free exchange platform that gives new meaning to the word "Thank you". Back to simpler, more human values: I help you and someone will help me later. It is a form of alternative and solidarity economy based on mutual aid, barter and local community spirit.
Follow them also on facebook:
La Fourmilière: this zero waste café that mixes co working space and cultural place while always promoting local products and artists. Much more than just a café, the Ant Hill deconstructs prejudices about the municipality of Anderlecht and strengthens the social ties in the neighbourhood between artists, entrepreneurs and neighbours.
Also follow us on Facebook: The Ant and Instagram: @LaFourmiliè
Zinne is the local currency in Brussels. If you believe in the importance of the short circuit, the local economy and ethical economics, this should appeal to you. By using this young motto you support a whole Brussels economy with positive values. To date, there are 85,000 zinne in circulation, 165 professionals who accept it and 39 exchange counters in the 19 communes of Brussels. So what's the use of local currency? I invite you to discover it in this episode.
Follow them also on Facebook: @zinne Currency Citizen

WeCo Store is a Brussels store located near the chatelain in Ixelles that selects for you the most environmentally friendly clothing and accessories while remaining accessible to all. They prove to us that it is possible to consume ethically in fashion too. Why is it important to rethink our consumption? How do they select one brand over another? The answers in this episode. Follow them also on instagram : @wecostore and on Facebook: @wecostore 


The TedxULB is a cultural event organized largely by students of ULB. It brings together inspiring speakers from all over the world. It's an opportunity to enrich yourself, to open yourself up to a great event while remaining accessible to all. How can students organise such a large-scale event? And what can we expect from the next edition in 2020? Follow them on Facebook: tedxulb and instagram: tedxulb.


Fern, an NGO you haven't heard enough about. In the heart of Brussels, it fights against deforestation by defending forests and the people living in them to the European Union. Follow them also on Facebook @Fern


Happy Hours Market, the young Brussels startup that's a hit. With their magnificent yellow truck, they collect unsold food to sell them first at a low price to people the most in need, and then they distribute the remaining stock free of charge to partner charities. A very nice way to fight against food waste while supporting the local community. Follow them also on Facebook @HappyHourMarket and Instagram @happyhoursmarket


ZERO, a symbolic name for this new zero-waste restaurant in Brussels. In addition to offering catering using local products, Zero organises upcycling and DIY workshops with the aim of becoming more autonomous, more economical, and to let go of the phone for a moment so that you can devote yourself to a manual activity. Follow them on facebook: ZERO and instagram: @zerobxl


Meet Nectar: a cultural workshop in Brussels that welcomes and exhibits local artists and offers many cultural activities. Follow them on facebook : and instagram :


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